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Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens During your First Healing Touch (HT) visit?

First of all, there will be some paperwork. This paperwork includes your Bill of Rights, Consent for treatment and your History (health/lifestyle). Then I will answer any questions you have regarding Healing Touch. We will discuss what brings you in for a treatment and what the goal of the treatment may be and what you might encounter during a session. During the assessment phase, some clients sit in a chair, but the majority lay on their back on a massage table. After energetic assessment is completed, the treatment part of the visit begins. During the treatment individuals range in their experiences; some feel nothing at all, while others experience shifts on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Many clients fall asleep during a treatment since treatments promote a relaxation response. After the treatment, there is usually a discussion and reflection time. This time is used for questions and feedback. Next, there is a plan of action phase where the client decides on potential changes that may enhance the quality of their lives. Since there is only light touch but no massage involved, clients remain fully clothed during their session.   

What is Integrative Imagery? (source: www.imageryinternational.org)

Using the power of the imagination to evoke positive mind and body responses. The term is a broad, general category, familiar to most people. Guided imagery techniques are commonly scripted and directed by the practitioner or recorded on tape/CD. Typically, the recipient is guided to a peaceful scene or to concentrate on a theme in a guided visualization. And the widening field of therapeutic imagery is rapidly being accepted as an evidence-based holistic practice in many conventional health care settings.

Integrative imagery is a specialized way to work within guided imagery. It is dynamic, active and profoundly powerful, involving an individual in his/her own imagery process. This therapeutic process goes beyond guided imagery to access the innate healing potential waiting to be discovered within each of us. Guided by a trained practitioner, an individual relaxes, focuses within to access his/her own inner resources, strengths and wisdom to address an issue or concern. The healing powers of imagery affect all levels of a person; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Imagery bridges the conscious mind with the deeper subconscious wisdom within us. True healing happens from within.